Asphalt Paving and Services

The Pavement Constructors Difference

At Pavement Constructors we are qualified and inspired to provide our clients with the best engineered industrial and commercial asphalt paving solutions and services. While most paving companies are capable of offering basic asphalt paving services, not all paving companies are equal. Pavement Constructors has decades of experience in industrial asphalt, rail transition, parking lot and staging lane repair.

Just like our engineered concrete paving solutions, our asphalt paving solutions are engineered for your unique paving needs. As one of the oldest paving companies in the Greater Houston Area, we have decades of experience to provide knowledgeable, professional solutions for standing water issues, berms, seal coating, asphalt striping, new parking lots and more.

Quality Craftsmen
Our asphalt paving superintendents are craftsmen and family men. They are knowledgeable and detailed to each project’s installation and management needs. We ensure that you receive consistent, non-segregated, properly finished and compacted asphalt paving. More importantly we know how to properly prepare the underlying sub-grade and base to ensure delivery of the highest quality asphalt surface.

Results Matter
It is our privilege to work and help current and potential clients each year. We want to offer options, service and results that help owners, operators, general managers and project managers succeed.

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Asphalt Services

  • HMAC
  • New Construction
  • Asphalt Re-Surface
  • Surface Roads
  • Asphalt Overlays
  • Repair
    • Asphalt Repair
    • Parking Lot Repair
    • Staging Lane Repair
  • Standing Water Issues
  • Hot Crack or Joint Sealing
  • Water Proofing
  • Berms
  • Seal Coating
  • Striping
  • Wheel Stops, Curbing, Curb Stops
  • Signage and ADA Compliance
    • ADA Ramps
    • ADA Transitions
    • ADA Requirements
  • Lighting
    • Light Poles
    • Light Standards
  • Parking Lots